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How HummDrum Works...

Catalog Music Pollutes Streaming Platforms

Where’s all the new stuff?

What if you could get inside access to new music before it hit streaming services? What if you could provide feedback to artists before they master their track? What if there was a platform you could go to?

Singing in the Shower

Have you ever had a great melody, song, hum, rhythm, or idea in the shower? Well, now you can catch it on the fly. Just open your phone in the shower and record. (Make sure your phone is water proof first. Hummdrum is NOT responsible for any phone that gets water damage as a result of use in the shower.) 

Forgot About Your Great Idea?

With quick access to record your ideas on the fly, never forget again. What’s more? Instead of having a vault full of unutilized ideas that go to waste and rot out of sight out of mind. Hummdrum automatically posts your ideas to the public, so you can garner support before your idea is even fully fledged out. Don’t be afraid of someone else steeling your idea, because “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” — Charles Caleb Colton

Democratize Music Creation

Share Short Clips of Your Ideas with an audience Yearning to hear it.

It’s time we democratized the music industry. Take back creativity to its core roots at the epiphany itself! We can begin to listen to each others’ music rather than those bought and groomed for us to hear on our daily commute, at the airport, or in the retail store. It’s our turn.

Not a musican? Good!

Have you ever had an idea for a song or music, but thought to yourself, “But I’m no body. Who would ever listen to me? I’m not any good.” Well, here’s the scoop. You see all this time you thought that you weren’t any good, there’s beauty in the ugliness. No, it’s true. Bear with me. In Japan there’s a saying called “Wabi Sabi” the beauty in the ugly or mundane. NO joke! All this time music professionals with million dollar contracts that needs your boring, mundane, and hideously ugly idea for their own inspiration. You are a muse and didn’t even know it. Don’t underestimate yourself. 

Harmonize with the Lawnmower

Have you ever found yourself harmonizing with the lawnmower noise? Maybe it’s not a lawnmower. Maybe it’s a nearby sound coming from a fan blade rotating through the air. You see, everything has a key frequency to it. Your microwave has a key signature. A car horn has a key signature. Listen closely and you may find yourself humming a melody to some mundane sound. Sure it takes self awareness, but with HummDrum in your pocket you can capture whatever cool sound you hear. 

Future of Music

The Future of HummDrum is in your Hands!

As apart of a new venture, joining a community of likeminded individuals, we can come up with ideas on the fly together. Not just in terms of music, sounds, and noise, but also in terms of features for HummDrum. If you have an idea that you’d like to have featured on the HummDrum app, just let us know. 

Sooth Anxiety thru Music Therapy

Did you know that General Anxiety Disorder plagues the entire world? Not to mention there’s a syndrome called “Hurry Sickness” especially pervasive in the western cultures. Well have no fear, because actually active music playing reduces stress better than passive music listening does. That’s right! By humming, whistling, or singing a tune you’re soothing your anxiety! (I should say I”m not a medical doctor, and this is just based on my own reading and research in to music therapy. I myself have GAD, and use music to soothe it. For me it works tremendously, and that’s why I chose to found HummDrum in the first place.)

How do we know it's working?

“Oh Yeah! How do we know our anxiety is really being reduced?!” Well, good news! There’s technology for that. Specifically a headset apparatus that can sense your brainwaves! That’s right! Using a headset like Muse in conjunction with your earbuds or headphones, you can actually see what type of music reduces your brainwaves down to alpha levels where you feel the most relaxed, but not sleepy! In the alpha state you’re more likely to have Gamma Spikes which are epiphanies and ideas! 

What's in it for me?

Paying it Forward

HummDrum is not just about sharing great ideas amongst a community. Although, that is a resounding improvement upon existing status quo. Hummdrum also cares about “paying it forward.” What we mean by that is when you walk by a busker performing on the street, you Venmo them for their service to society. When you tip your waitress, chauffeur, bell hop, etc… You’re paying it forward. In the future, Hummdrum is considering allowing “tipping” from one user to the next free of charge. This is a gesture of kindness and a way to provide feedback in the form of viability when considering one’s own music potential! If you have an idea for a feature or support “tipping” as a way to “pay it forward” feel free to reach out below…